In today's sedentary society we are driven by a passion to get people excercising. We are all everyday excercisers and love outdoor sports.


Our sponsoring is focused on good role model who inspires others to excercise.


Thanks to some amazing youth coaches, Hallby has produced talent after talent. They now have multiple athlethes with national team merits in the cross country skiing team for juniors. We are very proud to be allowed to watch these young talents succeed.


Despite being underdogs, J-Södra have proved that you can go far with targeted work and good leadership


A group of excited fotball playing boys led by ambitious and inspiring leaders. With two teams registered for league play, one in the Nort West league and the other in the South West, it can sometimes be difficult to manage two complete teams. This means one might have to play double matches - which is fun, of course!

Husqvarna ik p03

CNC sponsors Husqvarna's floorball team of boys -03- A team who during 2015/2016 has had a troup of 23 players and 4 coaches. Coaches who want all individuals to be able to participate and develop at their own speed. Husqvarna P03 have participated in league play; Gothia Cup and Fari Play Cup.

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